Fuck Capitalism. I hate the fact that you have to have money to be able to live on this earth because greedy mother fuckers want to claim ownership of natural resources that they have no rights to. WHY THE FUCK ARE THEIR PEOPLE IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES WHO HAVE TO GO WITHOUT WATER BECAUSE SOME SELFISH FUCKING PRICK WANTS TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THEIR SURVIVAL. WHY THE FUCK ARE THEIR SO MANY HOMELESS PEOPLE IN THE US ALONE WHEN THERE WERE OVER 763000 UNOCCUPIED HOUSES IN THE US LAST YEAR? 
I vote every year for a President who makes empty promises to make change across the nation. Fuck the government. It’s worthless. Call me an anarchist if you like. I don’t give a fuck. It’s how i feel


Enliven your walls with a mixed collage of art and family photos.  For the perfect layout, remember to first lay out your pictures on the floor before nailing into the wall.   
“White Privilege is being able to fight racism one day, then ignore it the next.”
“I always like to say that whether you’re African American, Afro-Jamaican, Afro-Haitian, Afro-British, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Panamanian, whatever—black is black. We all came from Africa and we all ended up in different countries all over the world, but the root of the tree is still black—period. This division that we’ve created by identifying what kind of Black you are is stupid.”

dionisio gonzalez imagines disaster resistant surrealist structures from